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BETA-1 TEST:  Released March 8, 2000. Available free for a limited time. PAINTBLASTER
THE RELEASE, BETA-1. The PAINTBLASTER in its beta form is an extremely simple program designed to simulate various degrees of coverage by paint left on the surface during the cleaning process. The program displays a clean but somewhat rough steel substrate at an approximately "1 to 1" scale on the monitor screen. You can "formulate" your paint in a separate window (the paint chip) until you achieve the color desired. You then "mix and apply" the paint to the steel surface. The coating takes on some of the characteristics of the rough substrate simulating maintenance coatings over rough steel.
THE ACTION You can "BLAST" the paint off   the surface. The effect is controlled by selecting the maximum size of chip of paint you expect might come off in a pass of blast media. Even though we stuck to circular chips in this beta release, as the percent coverage approaches fifty percent or less, the resulting "surface" looks startlingly like many of our archive photographs of partial removal of paint by waterjetting.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS! The PAINTBLASTER uses some 32 bit Active-X controls, so it runs only in Win98®, some Win95® versions, and Win NT® and is available for the IBM platform only. Your system monitor must be capable of at least 800x600 16 bit color. Memory requirements and required disk space are very modest. Limited e-mail-support-only is available for this program. Please keep in mind that we have made every effort to eliminate bugs, but when and if you run into problems, we do want to know about it! Receiving your comments and suggestions is what beta testing is all about.
Paintblaster with scaled printing for producing comparison pictures is available! Ask us about it!


Download the file into a convenient directory (e.g., the desktop). Double click on pb001a.exe which will inflate the application into a default directory named PB_Beta (you can choose another directory if you wish), then run setup.exe  to complete the installation.

Download PaintBlaster BETA-1 now. (Approximately 5 mb)